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EthicSport Performance Sete Hydrosaline 14x22gr.

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EthicSport Performance Sete Hydrosaline 14x22gr.


EthicSport Performance Sete Hydrosaline 14x22gr.

Performance Sete® contains a scientifically formulated concentration of carbohydrates (glucose) and electrolytes. The quantity and ratio of glucose and electrolytes have been chosen in order to optimize the rate at which these substances can be used by the muscles. Solutions, which are marginally hypotonic (that is are below the osmolality of the body), are known to be emptied quickly from the stomach and have the potential to be absorbed the most rapidly. (Leiper, 1998). The composition of carbohydrates in Performance Sete® enables a constant release and supply of glucose into the blood, enabling glycogen sparing in the muscles, helping to delay the feeling of exhaustion.
In order to help counteract losses in plasma electrolytes Performance Sete® contains the electrolytes: sodium (Na), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), and chloride (Cl). Endurance Performance relies upon the balanced interplay of electrolytes, without which Performance can be compromised, cramps may develop, or premature symptoms of fatigue may occur.
The adaptogenic herbal extract Eleutherococcus helps to increase resistance to the added psycho-physical stress that exercise can place on the body. This makes Performance Sete® valuable for sports where increased physical endurance and the capacity to resist to fatigue are extremely important.

Performance Sete® is rapidly absorbed, releasing glucose and electrolytes into the blood stream to sustain long-duration Performance. This product is suitable for use during training and competition.

Dissolve 1 stick into approximately 500-600 ml water. Consume 50-100 ml of the solution at regular intervals every 15-20 minutes. For prolonged activities, it's recommended to not exceed 800 ml of solution per hour in order to avoid gastro-intestinal upset.


- 14 sticks x 22 gr.

Ingredients and nutritional values: visit the EthicSport website


EAN (GTIN-13) No
Manufacturer EthicSport
Subcategorie For Energy


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