Road Clincher Wheels

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  1. Fulcrum Speed 40 DB Disc Road Wheelset

    Fulcrum Speed 40 DB Disc Road Wheelset SPEED is synonymous with competition, and represents the ultimate in performance, above all when the stopwatch is the only means used to judge results on a racing bike. It the name of a product created for World Tour professionals, who use the tubular tyre version, and for all those who use these wheels for racing. With the above as a premise, what features should the 40 mm-high, non-tubular SPEED wheel - which is ideal in most situations - have? That's simple: the best of everything. And thus, the SPEED 40 DB, 2-Way Fit (tubeless) + disc brake wheel is born. SPEED 40 DB is a set of wheels for use with disc brakes that will simply leave you speechless, featuring a cutting-edge rim with a new shape, designed according to innovative technical concepts. At 26.5 mm, the wheel is wider, with an aerodynamic shape which includes a pronounced 8 mm profile and a "twill" weave carbon fibre texture, optimising the elastic responsiveness of the rim. The final aerodynamic profile is the fruit of a lengthy finishing process: from simulations to prototype testing, in order to select the best design whilst taking the side wind and the turbulence created by the disc into account, followed by a long analysis to choose the best materials to be used on the final product. Need a few more hints to get a real feel for the spirit of this wheel? Here they are: the SPEED 40 DB boasts a 2-Way Fit construction - and as such is tubeless by conception - with a 19 mm wide channel, and a USB ceramic cone & cup bearing system. And, of course, the oversize flanges on the hubs are designed to take full advantage of all the benefits offered by the disc brake. Ultimately, the SPEED 40 DB is the new point of reference for riders who have chosen to a disc brake, and who are looking for the very best wheels out there, with a true racing pedigree and a perfect mid-profile on the majority of routes. - Learn More
  2. Campagnolo Bora One 35 Disk Brake Wheelset

    Campagnolo has developed a totally reworked disc brake version of the Bora™ One that transfers skills and knowhow gained in years of experience and introduces a new logic and innovative technologies to ensure unprecedented results. The Bora™ One Disc Brake is the most sophisticated carbon wheel on the market and one of the few specifically designed for disc brake systems. Extremely light yet stiff, resistant to shock and perfectly balanced, this wheel is available in in clincher and tubular versions, with a 35 mm rim: a versatile wheel for any kind of route. - Learn More
  3. Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon DB Disk Road Wheelset

    RACING ZERO CARBON DB Nothinghappens without a reason. The very fact that such a thing as the Racing ZeroCarbon DB exists today must be traced back to the evolution of the Racing Zeroand its well-known character. Byrespecting the linchpins, the fundamental points of this family, and interpretingthe world of disc brakes, the Fulcrum R&D division has successfully risento a decidedly complex challenge: that of evolving while respecting history tomake an absolutely mind-blowing product. It allstarts with the base concept: carbon and aluminum together to create a uniquecombination, introduced on her sister for traditional brakes, to enhancereactivity and stiffness to the total advantage of a precise, decisive ride. The 30 mmprofile helps with lightness uphill, while the wide 19 mm well creates theideal contact surface for shifting limits to unseen levels. Innovativetechnologies, such as the new ARC covering that creates an elasticreinforcement on the spoke eyelet, help in this direction. Unparalleledperformance, technology, and innovation. Racing ZeroCarbon DB comes into its own on every double-figure uphill gradient, when powertransmission is a must. It alsodelivers downhill, because the wide rim and aluminum spoke support help to makeyou feel you can dare that extra meter. Racing ZeroCarbon DB adapts with style and character to the most diverse of contexts,establishing itself as the absolute benchmark for multi-purpose wheels. All youneed to do is stare at it long enough and imagine your next uphill goals, thentry it on the road and realize that you are climbing at speeds never reachedpreviously. - Learn More
  4. Mavic Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL UST Wheelset 2019

    The Ksyrium line has always offered the unbeatable combination of light weight, high stiffness, comfort and reliability. Now we’ve added our UST Road Tubeless technology to make the Ksyrium Carbon SL UST even faster. Eliminating the tube also eliminates friction, so you roll faster with greater efficiency. And now you can run lower tire pressures in the Yksion Pro UST Tubeless tires for increased comfort and a reduced risk of flats. As a bonus, the UST system including sealant weighs less than a traditional tube and tire system. Added rim width (19mm internal/25mm external) allows for increased air volume in the tires, which further improves ride quality, and the round, smooth rim profile makes it one of the most aerodynamic wheels in its category. With our iTgMax rim molding process, the resin is enhanced through a proprietary heat treatment protocol that makes it able to resist heat better than any other carbon clincher rim. And a laser preparation of the brake track produces reliable braking performance. The spokes are bladed and double butted. Using 20 in front and 24 rear creates high stiffness, low weight and long-term reliability. The Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL C also includes our new Instant Drive 360 freewheel system hubs for fast engagement, high axle stiffness and great durability. And if you need to service it, the tool-free design makes it simpler than ever. - Learn More
  5. Miche Revox RC Carbon Clincher Road Wheels

    Miche Revox RC Carbon Clincher Road Wheels - Learn More
  6. Miche Revox RC DX Carbon Disk Clincher Road Wheels

    Miche Revox RC DX Carbon Disk Clincher Road Wheels - Learn More
  7. Vision Trimax 25 KB Tubeless Ready Clicher Wheelset

    The Trimax 25 KB offers a great workhorse wheel for all around use. It has a wide asymmetric rim profile – 20mm depth rim (front) and 24mm depth rim (rear). The Trimax 25 KB allows for a comfortable ride, and is tubeless ready. The unique intespoke milling helps reduce weight to increase acceleration and aides in climbing. Complete with a fully adjustable P.R.A. hub and aero bladed spokes, these hand built wheels are ready to take you anywhere you want to go. Weighing only 1,380 grams, the Trimax 25 KB is a great choice for any climber. - Learn More
  8. DT Swiss PRC 1400 Spline DB 35 Disk Brake Road Wheelset

    DT Swiss PRC 1400 Spline DB 35 Disk Brake Road Wheelset - Learn More
  9. Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 Clincher Road Wheelset

    Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 Clincher Road Wheelset In answer to great request from Nairo Quintana and the other champions using Campagnolo, the Bora Ultra 35 is the best wheel out there in terms of performance uphill and on mixed routes. Its 35 mm profile makes it an extremely light carbon wheel that however guarantees remarkable aerodynamic benefits. Campagnolo offers the Bora Ultra 35 in both clincher and tubular versions, extending the versatility of what is described as the best carbon wheel on the market also to cyclists who prefer the easy management of clinchers. But this is not all as innovative AC3™ (All Conditions Carbon Control) Technology means maximum safety when braking in any condition, guaranteeing shorter stopping distances and excellent modularity of braking power. Thanks to its wide, aerodynamic profile, differentiated hub diameter and CULT bearings, all cyclists can now enjoy the same performance Campagnolo guarantees its Pro-Tour champions. - Learn More
  10. Campagnolo Bora One 35 Clincher Road Wheelset

    Campagnolo Bora One 35 Clincher Road Wheelset Introducing the Bora One 35 carbon wheel: 24.2 mm wide, 35 mm high rim, water-transfer graphics and braking track with AC3™ (All Conditions Carbon Control) Technology. One of its kind, it was developed to meet the needs of great champions and then translated into a solution more suitable for amateurs and “granfondo” fans. Specific differences are its aluminum hubs and ceramic USB bearings. Its very light weight and the convenience of the clincher version make the Bora One 35 one of the best carbon wheels on the market. - Learn More

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