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  1. Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Disc Wheelset 2019

    Cosmic Pro Carbon wheels have long been a leader in maximizing performance and value, especially in the realm of aero speed. New innovations have made it more of an all-rounder, and this UST tubeless disc-brake version delivers incredible all-around performance at a light weight (1650g) and a price that can't be beat. Engineered with Mavic UST technology, the Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Disc offers all the benefits of tubeless, including less rolling resistance, a smoother ride quality and a reduced risk of flats. The 45mm deep rims are NACA compliant for low drag and excellent crosswind stability, and their lighter weight results in reduced inertia for explosive acceleration and climbing efficiency. The wheels are engineered specifically for disc brakes, with an optimized spoke count and lacing. The Cosmic Pro Carbon UST is completed with 25mm Yksion Pro UST tires for maximum rolling efficiency, grip and a smooth, comfortable ride. - Learn More
  2. Fulcrum Racing 4 DB White Road Wheelset

    Fulcrum Racing 4 DB White Road Wheelset - Learn More
  3. DT Swiss PRC 1400 Spline 65 Disk Brake Road Wheelset

    DT Swiss PRC 1400 Spline 65 Disk Brake Road Wheelset - Learn More
  4. Fulcrum Racing 3 DB Disk Road Wheelset 2019

    When do you get used to counting kilometers in tens of thousands? How many times have you imagined a set of all-purpose wheels, excellent in the winter, agile and performing uphill, with no limits on less-than-perfect road surfaces, reliable and ready when you need to concentrate exclusively on your training, and a loyal companion when your goal is big mountain passes, great distances and big adventures? Racing 3 DB is a concentrate of technology designed to raise the performance bar in a wide range of situations, setting new standards for satisfaction and reliability. This wheelset for racing and gravel bikes was not designed to dazzle. The focus here was on substance and the R&D division at Fulcrum have taken everything to a higher level, choosing the most balanced, evolved technical solution for every single essential component… Who says it won't dazzle once on the road? Extremely smooth thanks to cone and cup bearings and comfortable thanks to steel spokes that ensure 25% more shock absorption capacity than its racier Racing Zero counterpart. The 19 mm wide well also ensures generous, robust, stable contact with the road. "Versatility" for Racing 3 DB means making the difference whatever the context: as a training wheel, for long distances and on gravel. It is also a high class upgrade for those who enjoy cycling without any competitive intent. Good-looking, refined, detail-attentive construction, with R2-Milling that combine design and hi-tech. Multi-purpose, distinctive, a Fulcrum icon. - Learn More
  5. Mavic Mavic Ksyrium Pro Carbon UST Disc Wheelset 2019

    Now you can experience the high-performance feel of our latest carbon rim technologies at a more affordable price. The new Ksyrium Pro Carbon Disc features the same rims as the pro-level "SL" model, which means full carbon construction and our UST Road Tubeless technology. The 21mm internal width is optimized for 28mm tires to deliver a smooth, efficient ride on a variety of road surfaces. The rims feature a 32mm tall, aero optimized shape that's made possible by disc brake innovations and the lack of a brake track. And with our Road Tubeless system, you can run lower tire pressure for improved rolling resistance, a smoother ride quality, and a reduced risk of punctures. The system is easy to set up and use, and the rims and tires are optimized as a system, with seamless integration and performance. If your typical rides include a little of everything—tough climbs, fast sprints, technical cornering and descents—the Ksyrium Pro Carbon Disc is a fast, easy way to supercharge your road bike. - Learn More
  6. DT Swiss PR 1400 Dicut Oxic 32 Road Wheelset

    The OXiC technology wheel range is growing. Together with the extremely popular 21 mm low profile OXiC rim, the new PR 1400 DICUT 32 OXiC will be the pinnacle of aluminum road wheels. The ceramic OXiC surface coating gives rim brakes a whole new level of braking performance. The rims are wide, medium-profile and super strong, ensuring outstanding durability and reliability. A tubeless setup adds supreme comfort and grip to the athletic properties of this wheel set. - Learn More
  7. DT Swiss ARC 1400 Dicut 62 Carbon Road Wheelset

    DT Swiss ARC 1400 Dicut 62 Carbon Road Wheelset - Learn More
  8. DT Swiss P 1800 Spline DB 23 Road Wheelset

    DT Swiss P 1800 Spline DB 23 Road Wheelset At the core of this allround wheelset lies a modern, wide and light aluminium rim. Being the foundation of the P 1800 SPLINE 23, it makes for a balanced width to stiffness to weight ratio. This rim is complemented by a hub featuring DT Swiss' proven pawl system freehub as well as a high-end build with bladed spokes and elaborate aluminum nipples. These features make it a premium training wheel easily able to race your mates when the city limit sign comes up. - Learn More
  9. Mavic Ksyrium Elite UST Disc Road Wheelset

    Mavic Ksyrium Elite UST Disc Road Wheelset IMPROVED RIDE QUALITY - 19 mm internal rim width increases air volume - Road UST Tubeless increases rolling efficiency, grip, comfort and flat protection - Zicral spokes and Fore drilling improves lateral stiffness LOW WEIGHT AND HIGH EFFICIENCY - ISM 4D rim machining makes for superlight rims - Zicral spokes and Instant Drive 360 freewheel system lower overall weight while maintaining stiffness, giving you low friction and fast engagement SMARTLY ADAPTED TO THE CONSTRAINTS OF DISC BRAKES - 24 spokes front and rear for perfect brake torque distribution - Front hub convertible from 12mm through axle to quick release or 15mm through axle (with optional adapters) - Rear hub convertible from 12x142 through axle to quick release (with optional adapters - not available in Germany) - 6 Bolts or Center Lock - Also XD Road compatible, with an optional driver body - Learn More
  10. Vision Trimax 35 KB Tubeless Ready Clicher Wheelset

    The Vision Trimax 35 offers a lightweight combination alloy rim. With a wind cutting 35mm depth, and a bump softening width of 17mm, this wheelset is a true winner. Add in the fully adjustable P.R.A. hub and aero bladed spokes to these hand built wheels and you are in for a smooth ride no matter if you are on the flats or in the hills, or anywhere in between. - Learn More

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