Credit card Security:

When you pay, you do not risk anything. Zero. If you choose to pay online by credit card, you do not have commissions and you do not risk anything. In fact, the credit card information is encrypted during transmission and are directly managed by the bank: we do not even see them pass, and are not stored anywhere. We have no means of being able to make a charge on your credit card than the one corresponding to the transaction relating to the payment of your order, we can obviously only and only partially or totally cancel a payment in case reconsider your order. 

Gambacicli uses Payplug  as a payment gateway for credit cards, maximum security is guaranteed by the use of the 3D secure protocol:

3D Secure (3-domain structure), also known as a payer authentication, is a security protocol that helps to prevent fraud in online credit and debit card transactions. This additional security was initiated and created by Visa and MasterCard and it’s branded as ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘MasterCard SecureCode’ respectively.

The payer authentication is a three-part process, so there are three parties involved in the process: the issuer (such as Visa or MasterCard), the acquirer, and the interoperability domain (such as payment system).

How 3D Secure works:

When you, as a merchant, have 3D Secure enabled on your website and your customer uses the card that is enrolled in the 3D Secure program the process looks as follows:

  1. The customer enters their credit or debit card information in the payment form
  2. Payplug contacts a directory server and gets the message that the card is registered in the program
  3. The customer sees the 3D Secure page when they need to authenticate themselves to the issuing bank by entering the password or a one time PIN
  4. The result of the 3D Secure authentication goes to Payplug and then we submit transaction details to the acquiring bank
  5. The transaction is authorized by the acquirer
  6. The customer can see the response about whether the transaction is successful or failed

 Advantages of 3D Secure

 One of the advantages of 3D Secure is that it reduces fraud. It also makes shopping/commerce safer online, nourishes brand loyalty, it is easy to use, customer confidence improves on websites and therefore increases spending online.

 Service Restrictions

 3D Secure has certain limitations: first, not all cards are currently participating in the program authentication payer scheme and secondly, it does not restrict chargebacks to happen but reduces the cost of fraudulent chargebacks.

 The products we sell are original and new. Non there is nothing worse than saving a few euro and find that the warranty is not valid in our country, that the product has already been used or that something " strange sounds ". We prefer to be very transparent , even at the cost of losing some business on the street. We purchase our products only from qualified suppliers, we can at all times guarantee the legitimate origin and traceable merce.

We exclude everything that - in the end - can generate a minimum risk on our customers , because in the case of checks , we do not want anyone to even think about bothering to ask ... clarification. If you change your mind or something does not go the way you want , you're 100% refunded .

According to Italian law on any purchase at a distance the ability to return a purchase within 14 working days and to be 100% refunded. The only cost that you claim are the shipping costs to return the product.

The existence of a specific rule guarantees you 100%. But we would have done the same, without law. Because our goal is to have happy customers that talk about us to friends and come back to us


Once Paypal has been selected as the payment method you will be redirected to the secure gateway (with data encryption transmission) where, following access / registration, here you can perform the payment that will happen in real time. Data on credit card will be received and processed by Paypal according to their regulations. Once transaction is complete the order will be automatically forwarded to our order processing system. It will not be possible to conclude the order without effecting payment. If the order is successful you will be redirected to a confirmation page, you will receive two emails, one from Gambacicli and the other from Paypal which summarizes the transaction and order. Sometimes it is possible to pay by Paypal without having to open an account (this is limited to 10 transactions), otherwise you need to register and open a Paypal account. Once the transaction has been effected, the payment will result as "Gambacicli". This form of payment involves a price increase of 2% , these commissions cover the management costs (fees for returns, transactions, disputes, scams) withheld by the service itself.

Possible errors with paypal may occur:

- Transaction Error: When after making the payment through Paypal you get redirected to an error page without receiving a confirmation email and in the current order of owners user profile results no order, means that a transaction failure may have occurred. If you receive the confirmation email by paypal, but not ours, and notice that the order is not present in the current orders, please contact us stating your email address and Paypal email address so you can re-enter.

- Restricted Purchase: This means you have restrictions on you account. It is necessary to contact Paypal for further information on this matter or continue with the payment choosing another means of payment.

- Transaction Denied: Paypal does not authorize this transaction. Choose another payment method or contact customer services at Paypal for further information.

- Shortage of Finacial Resources: Paypal has denied the transaction due to shortage of financial resources in your paypal account. This may be due to an expired uploaded credit card. It is possible to choose another payment method, if this doesn't work we advise you to contact Paypal to get further information on this subject.

- Transaction Refused because buyer at risk: Paypal has deemed the users account as a risk and therefore has denied the transaction. For further information it is necessary to contact customer services at Paypal.

- Generic Error: in case of generic errors, for more information, please contact Paypal. PayPal prompts you to choose an alternative payment method.

Money Transfer:

Once your purchase has been effected you will receive an email with the necessary details to complete the Bank Transfer: it is an Italian bank account of Fineco belonging to the SEPA circuit. For payment reference please include your order number. The order will be prepared and sent ONLY when funds has been received. Any extra costs charged by banks or currency conversion for credit transfers are on behalf of the purchaser, costs may vary depending on your bank.