Mariposa Shelter OFF ROAD 5m Roll Frame Protection

Mariposa Shelter OFF ROAD 5m Roll Frame Protection

Shelter Off-Road is a transparent shock and scratch resistant adhesive tape. It provides a reliable protection to the carbon-fiber or metal structures it’s applied to. “Off-Road” is perfect for heavier duty off-road riding.
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Mariposa Shelter OFF ROAD 5m Roll Frame Protection


- Invisible protection against scratches and impacts
- Lightweight
- Easy to apply, firmly adheres even to curved surfaces
- Does not yellow
- Ideal for carbon and metal protection
- The visco-elastic behavior dampens vibrations
- Dimensions: 54mm x 5m, 1.2mm thick (* tolerance +/- 10% on length and width)
- Format: 1 roll
- Made in Italy

Shelter Off-Road is made up of a 0.2 mm upper layer, resistant to abrasion, and a 1 mm rubbery (visco-elastic) underlying layer. This exclusive composite construction allows Shelter to dissipate the impact energy within its structure, without transmitting it or damping it in a very efficient way. Shelter Off-Road is the thickest of the Shelters, and is perfect for the most demanding off-road use.

Shelter is transparent but does not yellow over time, thanks to its resistance to UV rays, a common cause of yellowing of other protective films, and in this way also protects the paint of the underlying frame from discoloration. After the removal of Shelter there may be color differences between protected and non-protected areas, in the case of fluorescent paints or bright colors.

The transmission of vibrational energy through any structure can be reduced by adding visco-elastic elements in some places. This is exactly what Shelter does, not only by protecting rigid carbon frames from shocks but at the same time reducing vibrations. An example of this is Shelter Wheel Kit.

The translucent "Shelter Effetto Mariposa" logos are present inside the Shelter film. Both “Effetto Mariposa” and “Shelter” are registered trademarks.

Shelter's adhesion is defined as "semi-structural", therefore very strong but not permanent. After being applied, Shelter takes 8 hours to reach optimal adhesion. Subsequently, it is therefore not affected by normal bicycle washing, but it can still be removed - if necessary - without damage to the underlying paint.

The application of Shelter does not require specific tools or procedures, only normal dexterity and patience:

- after removing cables or other elements that may hinder the surface, clean the surface on which the Shelter will be glued with alcohol and a clean rag.
- remove any dry residue of alcohol with another dry and clean cloth.
- take the pre-cut Shelter element suitable for use or cut a piece of Shelter of the desired shape and size, without removing the protective paper.
- check that the element fits the area you want to protect and that your hands are clean. At this point, completely remove the protective paper, freeing the adhesive surface (try not to touch the adhesive with your fingers, or reduce contact to a minimum: being transparent, the fingerprints could then be seen).
- lightly position Shelter on the area to be protected, without applying pressure and without stretching it. Re-position it if necessary, until it is exactly where you want it. Then, start applying constant pressure, starting from the center towards the edges, to avoid trapping air bubbles or creating wrinkles.
- progressively extend the action on the entire element, to make it adhere completely to the surface. Insist on the edges and bending points to achieve uniform adhesion.
- you can use the bicycle immediately after applying Shelter, remembering that optimal adhesion is reached after 8 hours.

To remove Shelter, slowly peel it off the surface taking care not to de-laminate it. In this way Shelter will not leave traces of glue, even after several years.
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EAN (GTIN-13)7640164680439
ManufacturerEffetto Mariposa
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