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EthicSport Recupero Extreme 7x50gr. Sachets


EAN: 8051764430161

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Energy product for athletes with BCAA, AlaGln (Sustamine), Glutamine, Sensoril, Vitamins and Electrolytes. Taken after a very intense physical effort, it promotes an effective recovery of nutrients, energy and the best athletic condition.


- To those who train very intensely
- To those who want to recover effectively after a very intense effort
- The product is suitable for all sports that require great physical and muscular effort


EthicSport Recupero Extreme 7x50gr. Sachets


It is known that, under conditions of physical stress, the hypothalamus responds by initiating a cascade reaction that begins in the brain and ends with the release of stress-related hormones such as cortisol. When training intensely, stress becomes systemic and cortisol levels remain chronically high. In these cases there is a very high incidence of stress-related symptoms and the body struggles to recover. The EthicSport Research and Development Staff, strengthened by the formulation experience of specific post exercise products, has studied a modern formulation aimed at optimizing recovery after the most intense and stressful workouts for the body.


Extreme® recovery is suitable to assist the recovery phase after intense performance. Thanks to the presence of B vitamins (B1, B6, B12) and electrolytes (Na, Ca, Mg, K), Extreme Recovery® contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, to normal muscle function and to normal energy metabolism . Extreme Recovery brings a high dose of B.C.A.A. and the L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine dipeptide (AlaGln). The product contains Sensoril®, extracted from Withania S., which turns out to be an adaptogenic tonic, useful for combating physical and mental fatigue, and facilitating psycho-physical relaxation.
The product does not contain gluten (Gluten Free) and is therefore also suitable for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.


The synergy of the nutrients contained in Extreme Recovery® makes the product useful in the recovery phase following very intense sports activities and facilitates a rapid restoration of cellular nutrients and energy.


- We recommend using the product about 15-30 min. after the sporting commitment
- Use 1 bag in about 250-300ml of water, following very intense physical efforts.


7 bags of 50 gr. each


EAN (GTIN-13) 8051764430161
Manufacturer EthicSport
Subcategorie For Energy


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