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  1. Tacx Flow Smart T2240 Smart Trainer

    Tacx Flow Smart T2240 Smart Trainer The Flow Smart offers all the necessary features you need for a fully interactive indoor cycling experience. It connects to most popular training apps, like Zwift, Tacx and Trainerroad. And its wheel-on design allows for easy setup and storage. This trainer is the perfect winter training tool. - Learn More
  2. Elite Direto X Hometrainer

    ELITE DIRETO X MORE ACCURATE Direto X was created to integrate our range of interactive bicycle home trainers with an even more accurate model for a product that was already among the high range of powerful and stable hometrainers to begin with. The OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) gives the Direto X its high data accuracy while training - the innovative integrated power meter detects power output with a ± 1,5% increased accuracy compared to the Direto. - Learn More
  3. Elite Suito Interactive Hometrainer

    Elite Suito Interactive Hometrainer Among Elite's interactive hometrainers range, Suito is innovative as it features a practical Plug&Play configuration, designed to let you experience right away a quick and easy indoor bike training session. Suito comes with a pre-installed Shimano® 11-speed cassette and is characterised by its fully assembled structure, ideal for you to start your indoor cycling sessions right away. As you don't need to assemble the sprocket cassette or the legs of the hometrainer, you just have to place your bike on the hometrainer and connect to a power source. Total setup time: less than five minutes. - Learn More
  4. Tacx Neo 2 Smart T2850 Direct Drive Trainer

    Tacx Neo 2 Smart T2850: the pinnacle of indoor bike training, the Tacx NEO Smart, is made even better. On top of immersive features like Road feel, Dynamic Inertia and Descent simulation, this new direct drive also features Pedal stroke analysis. It is without question the most silent, realistic and accurate bike trainer available. - Learn More
  5. Tacx Flux S Smart Trainer

    The FLUX S Smart checks all the boxes when you are looking for a Smart direct drive trainer. Reliable, accurate, silent, strong and offering a good ride feel. This bike trainer is the ideal indoor training companion for the many hours sweating and cycling with your favourite apps.


    - Learn More
  6. Elite Turno Hometrainer

    Elite Turno Hometrainer WHY CHOOSE TURNO? - It allows managing your performance as during road training, using the gear speeds of your bike. - Integrated Smart technology allows monitoring the data produced and matching training effectiveness with the fun of the online experience, projecting you into the web cycling community. - It is even more precise thanks to the Misuro B+ Sensor already inserted and calibrated in every trainer. - It is even quieter thanks to the internal hardware modifications included. - It is practical to use and manage. It is very stable during training. It is foldable, easy to put away after use. - It is compatible both with a road and a mountain bike (both with quick release and with 142x12mm thru-axle. Optional accessory for 148x12mm Boost available). - Learn More
  7. Tacx Satori Smart T2400 Ergotrainer KIT

    Regular Price: €298.34

    Special Price €236.89

    Tacx Satori Smart T2400 Ergotrainer KIT - Learn More
  8. Tacx Flux 2 Smart Trainer



    The iconic FLUX Smart has been upgraded to the FLUX 2 Smart. Compared to its predecessor, it is equipped with a bigger and stronger resistance unit and a heavier flywheel. This resulted in a wider simulation range, better ride feel and a more accurate power measurement. CHALLENGING POWERFUL The FLUX 2 Smart is equipped with a bigger resistance unit compared to its predecessor, allowing for a wider simulation range. It is able to realistically simulate inclines up to 16% gradient. ACCURATE & RELIABLE A reliable, accurate and consistent power measurement is key to keep track of your performance and progress. This is exactly what the FLUX 2 Smart is designed for, it measures your power accurately within 2,5%. SMOOTH RIDE FEEL A stronger resistance unit in combination with a larger flywheel significantly improved the ride feel and responsiveness of the FLUX 2 Smart. With these improvements, this Smart trainer better replicates the experience of outdoor rides. EXTREMELY SILENT The FLUX 2 Smart is designed to bring vibrations and noise levels to the absolute minimum. This resulted in a very silent flywheel equipped bike trainer. - Learn More
  9. Elite Arion Digital Smart B+ Parabolic Roller


    Elite Arion Digital Smart B+

    Interactive roller with automatic resistance adjustment High power output: 400 watts at 35 km/h. Electronically managed magnetic resistance, based on the type of training or course selected. Max slope: 5%. - Learn More
  10. Elite Quick Motion Parabolic Roller


    Elite Quick Motion

    Realistic Floating-system rollers aid balance during training 3-level integrated magnetic system. Folds into three parts for reduced clutter. Parabolic rollers. Integrated handle for easier transportation. Adjusts to match different bicycle wheelbases. "A great item of training equipment: this durable and well-made design with its outstanding freely rotating rollers folds away into an extremely space-saving format. And what’s more, its low-noise operation is easy on the nerves" (Eurobike Gold Award 2016) - Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 21 total

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