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  1. Giro Foray Road Helmet

    From: €44.04€33.44
    Giro Foray Road Helmet - Learn More
  2. Rudy Project Rush Helmet

    Rudy Project Rush Helmet - Learn More
  3. Suomy Gun Wind HV Road Helmet

    Suomy Gun Wind HV Road Helmet - Learn More
  4. Gist Ares Helmet

    From: €54.40€44.59
    Gist Ares Helmet, the winner of Dolomiti Superbike! - Learn More
  5. MET Rivale Road Helmet

    MET Rivale: Streamlined, compact, feather light. The Tour de France-tested Rivale’s engineering philosophy is to wear it like it’s not even there. Comfortable and unobtrusive, the Rivale has spent hundreds of hours in design and in the wind tunnel being optimized for aerodynamic performance. An expertly engineered shape enables riders to save up to 3 watts at 50km/h, translating into a one second advantage compared to other road helmets in its class. Maximum air intake is accomplished with the lowest drag possible; ideally places channels inside pull hot air through rear exhaust vents producing a much needed cooling effect on hard rides. Of its kind, the Rivale sets a new standard in aero. - Learn More
  6. MET Strale Road Helmet

    The Met Strale is our answer to ultra-comfortable, super-ventilated riding. Feather-light, wearing the Strale is unobtrusive, as any top range all-around helmet should be. What’s most impressive about the extremely light, compact, aerodynamic Strale is its exceptional air channeling system; a design function that pulls in massive quantities of cool air and filters it over a rider’s head, pushing the heat out and away. The Met Strale is a super light, super comfortable, super cooling helmet like none other. - Learn More
  7. MET Trenta 3K Road Helmet

    From: €226.50€188.44
    MET Trenta 3K Road Helmet The construction of the MET Trenta performs better than any other helmet on the market. Our R&D team discovered that the carbon’s elastic modulus allows us to reduce the density of the EPS foam by 20%, without affecting its capacity to absorb energy. The parallel ‘ribs’ are linked from the centre of the helmet by a carbon cage embedded into the liner, making it dramatically lighter compared to a traditional construction. The result is a lightweight, yet better-performing shell that sets a new standard in terms of ventilated helmet manufacture. - Learn More
  8. Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet

    Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet TRAIL DOMINANCE REDEFINED The best trail riding gear adapts to changing terrain. That’s the idea behind the Super 3R mountain bike helmet. It’s designed for the varying demands of all-mountain riding, which includes long, grinder climbs at low speeds and wide-open descents on rowdy trails. A removable chin bar makes the Super 3R uniquely suited to the all-mountain experience. Basically, you get two MTB helmets in one. For long climbs, remove the chin bar and stow it in your pack. And when it’s time for more aggressive riding, you can quickly lock it on, no tools required. For the new Super 3R, we’ve added the new Float Fit system and dramatically improved the fit and comfort by revising the shape both inside and out. Other trail-specific features include our GoggleGuide Adjustable Visor, a breakaway camera mount and Overbrow Ventilation. Not to mention MIPS rotational impact system for added protection in certain impacts. - Learn More
  9. Suomy TMLS All-INN Road Helmet

    Regular Price: €89.34

    Special Price €56.56

    Starting from the search for lightness, a search that achieves its goal on 190 grams (M size), the TMLS ALL-IN by Suomy represents the best product among bicycle helmets. - Learn More
  10. Giro Hale MTB Youth Helmet

    From: €34.90€29.47
    Giro Hale MTB Youth Helmet - Learn More

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