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  1. Giro Montaro MIPS MTB Helmet

    Giro Montaro MIPS MTB Helmet - Learn More
  2. MET Manta HES Road Helmet

    We developed MET Manta focusing in particular on the theme of aerodynamics. MET Manta is known to be one of the most competitive sprint helmets, saving 10 watts at 50 km / h. Thanks to the superior NACA louvre and other strategically positioned air vents, MET Manta keeps its head fresh without fueling aerodynamic resistance. With only 200g of weight, MET Manta beats every record and is the lightest helmet of its kind. - Learn More
  3. MET Rivale Road Helmet

    From: €86.83€73.66
    MET Rivale: Streamlined, compact, feather light. The Tour de France-tested Rivale’s engineering philosophy is to wear it like it’s not even there. Comfortable and unobtrusive, the Rivale has spent hundreds of hours in design and in the wind tunnel being optimized for aerodynamic performance. An expertly engineered shape enables riders to save up to 3 watts at 50km/h, translating into a one second advantage compared to other road helmets in its class. Maximum air intake is accomplished with the lowest drag possible; ideally places channels inside pull hot air through rear exhaust vents producing a much needed cooling effect on hard rides. Of its kind, the Rivale sets a new standard in aero. - Learn More
  4. Limar 885 Superlight MTB Helmet

    Limar 885 Superlight MTB Helmet - Learn More
  5. MET Parachute Enduro Helmet

    MET Parachute Enduro Helmet Riders purchase a full-face helmet for vital extra protection, and every other element has to be equally safe and proven for durability. The Parachute’s chin guard has been stringently tested, passing the ASTM standard with flying colors. This certification provides riders the assurance they need that if the situation arises when the Parachute must do its job, it will undeniably be up to the task. Ideal for Enduro racing, this helmet not only provides the highest level of safety in its class, but does so in an extremely light weight, expertly ventilated design. Weighing in at a mere 700g (Size M), the Parachute is comfortable and cooling in taxing climbs, and proven safe on speedy descents. The Parachute is a game changer. - Learn More
  6. MET Lupo HES Helmet

    MET Lupo HES Helmet New for 2016! Your all mtn epic adventure begins with the Lupo. The perfect balance between aggressive styling, breathability and comfort. The Lupo gives great protection to the rear and sides of the head and is ideal for many hours in the saddle. - Learn More
  7. MET Trenta Road Helmet

    From: €168.73€138.30
    MET Trenta Road Helmet - Learn More
  8. Suomy TMLS All-INN Road Helmet

    Regular Price: €89.34

    Special Price €44.67

    Starting from the search for lightness, a search that achieves its goal on 190 grams (M size), the TMLS ALL-IN by Suomy represents the best product among bicycle helmets. - Learn More
  9. Giro Hale MTB Youth Helmet

    Giro Hale MTB Youth Helmet - Learn More
  10. Rudy Project Protera MTB Helmet

    From: €114.90€97.70
    Rudy Project Protera MTB Helmet - Learn More

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